These Motion Sensors Track Your Devices For You

It seems that the older I get, the less I seem to remember. My photographic memory seemed to disappear minutes after giving birth to my son 3 years ago. My iPhone now functions as my lifeline for just about everything. Without this wonderful device I would never remember anything, get anywhere or be in touch with anyone. Now with that being said, when I lose/misplace my little iPhone a dozen times a day I have a minor panic a dozen times a day. I have a landline, yes people still have them, for the sole reason that I need some other device to call my cell phone. My husband always jokes that he needs to put a tracking device on my phone and keys so that I can find them instantly. Where would I find such a device? Do they even make something like that?

Would it cost a million dollars?

Well in a few short months, my prayers will be answered. No, my mother is not moving in with me; although that would be pretty fabulous, however, the next best thing will be at my fingertips…Sen.seʼs Mother and Motion Cookies.

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Sen.seʼs Mother is the head of 4 little motion cookies. Each of these cookies is a multipurpose, autonomous sensor that can connect real-life actions, detect and understand movement, temperature and much more. Each of these independent sensors can travel anywhere, store data for up to 10 days and automatically reports all information back to its Mother. The Mother, like a real-life Mother, analyzes and presents the data as well as gives suggestions through a the storyboard on their app.

Tap any headline on the storyboard for more detail. Like your own mother, you can set reminders via push notifications, text messages, email, phone calls and more.

Some examples of how one can use the Motion Cookies include:

1) Attaching a cookie to the front door to track when it opens. This could alert you if someone was at your home unexpectedly or to make sure your child got home at a stated time.

2) Attaching a cookie to a cell phone/keys/wallet and track where you tend to “lose”/leave your things.

3) One could use a cookie to track your steps every day

4) One could attach a cookie to your Keurig to track how many coffees you drink daily and how many k-cups you have used so that you can order new ones before you run out.

Sen.seʼs Mother begins shipping this Spring. For $222 one will receive one Mother and 4 Motion Cookies. Extra cookies are available for purpose but keep in mind that the cookies are like chameleons, so once you fix one problem you can easily reassign the cookie to a new app. Fingers crossed this device and its ever-changing array of apps will be the extra “mom” I have been looking for.

Posted on 2/13/2014

veena_headshotWritten by Veena Goel Crownholm 

Veena Goel Crownholm is a UCLA grad and former Miss California. Prior to having her son, she worked in the non-profit field doing special events and program development as well as working as a Program Officer for the Thomas J. Long Foundation. In 2010, after she had her son, she began her career as a Lifestyle Contributor both online and on-air, as well as motivational speaking. She enjoys DIY projects, Thrift Store/Flea Market hunting, Camping and Hiking. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son and 3 puppies. For more information on Veena please visit or follow her at: or on twitter @TiarastoBabies.